Cloud Labels: Interactive and Dynamic Product Information

Empower Your Customers with Information at Their Fingertips

Why Cloud Labels©?

In a world where product information changes rapidly, staying updated is crucial. Cloud Labels© by ForgeStop bridge the gap between static packaging and dynamic digital content. Whether it's updating safety instructions, providing nutritional information, or sharing the latest product uses, Cloud Labels ensure your customers have access to the most current information with just a simple tap.

How It Works

Instant Access: Customers tap the InfoTap label with their smartphone to access a cloud-based portal with real-time product details.

Dynamic Updates: Information can be updated post-production, ensuring consumers always have access to the latest details, including recalls, safety advisories, or usage tips.

No App Required: Like our Anti-Counterfeit & Authentication solutions, Cloud Labels operate through a web app interface, ensuring ease of access without the need for app downloads.

Key Benefits

Enhanced Compliance

Stay ahead of regulatory changes by updating product information in real-time, ensuring compliance with the latest industry standards.

Increased Consumer Engagement

Interactive labels turn every product into a portal for engaging consumers with rich media, extended product literature, and tailored marketing messages.

Improved Safety and Satisfaction

Quick updates mean that consumers are always informed about important product changes, enhancing safety and overall satisfaction.

Industries That Benefit Most


Update dosing instructions or drug interaction warnings as new information becomes available.

Food and Beverage

Provide nutritional updates, recipe suggestions, or source transparency for ingredients.

Consumer Electronics

Offer the latest usage guidelines, software updates, or troubleshooting tips.


Share the latest research, detailed supplement information, or suggested usage changes.


Update safety data sheets and handling instructions as regulatory conditions change.

Ready to Elevate Your Products?

Embrace the future of product communication with ForgeStop’s Cloud Labels. Contact us to integrate dynamic, real-time data into your product packaging today.