Consumer Accessible Product Authentication

Empower Your Customers with ForgeStop – A User-Friendly Anti-Counterfeit and Digital Label System. Authenticate Products Instantly with Just a Smartphone..


Transforming the future of smart label technology

ForgeStop offers a plug-and-play software solution for companies looking to implement NFC smart labels on their goods. Customers can instantly authenticate products by tapping their smartphones, no app download required.

ForgeStop's smart labels, integrated with our innovative technology platform, offer numerous advanced features for both brands and consumers, such as:

Product Authentication
Consumer Powered Track & Trace
Product Registration & Tokenization
Brand Content & Marketing
Dynamic Digital Smart Labels
Customizable Alerts & Notifications
Consumer Analytics & data
Verify without apps, from anywhere, anytime
Elevate Your Brand Experience

Empower consumers with instant product verification, enrich their experience, and provide invaluable brand insights using our innovative NFC-enabled label system.

Protect what matters with Forgestop

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