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Anti-Counterfeit & Authentication Solutions

Counterfeiting isn't just a problem; it's a global epidemic. Industries from luxury goods to pharmaceuticals, to automotive spare parts, lose billions each year to fake, or substandard products. But with ForgeStop's InfoTap© labels, you can secure your products, build consumer trust, and enhance brand loyalty—all with a simple touch of their phone.

How It Works

Tap & Verify: Consumers use their smartphone to tap the product's InfoTap enhancedd label or packaging, which instantly verifies authenticity through ForgeStop’s secure database.

Real-Time Authentication: Immediate confirmation of the product's genuineness  without your customers needing to download an app, resulting in high interaction rates.

Engage & Inform: Post-authentication, direct your customers to exclusive content, special offers, or critical product information, immediately after establishing trust.

Key Benefits

Boost Consumer Confidence

Let customers verify product authenticity themselves, enhancing their trust and loyalty to your brand, usually at the critical "purchase decision" moment.

Combat Counterfeiting

Dramatically reduce the prevalence of fake goods and protect your brand's integrity and revenue.

Enhance Customer Interaction

Use every tap as an opportunity to engage customers with personalized content and offers. Authentication happens within your own domain or website, resulting in increased traffic

Industries We Love To Help


Guarantee the safety and authenticity of medications.

Luxury Goods

Ensure the exclusivity and value of high-end products.


Protect against the dangers and dissatisfaction of counterfeit technology.


Safeguard the rarity and value of collectible items with verifiable authenticity.


Ensure that health supplements are safe, effective, and genuine.

Consumer Goods

Elevate brand trust and reduce fraud in everyday products.


Secure the integrity and origin of alcoholic beverages, enhancing consumer safety and brand prestige.

Automotive Spare Parts

Combat counterfeit parts that can lead to costly failures and safety risks.

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