Our Solutions

Our technology platform unlocks a suite of tools for brands looking to utilize the next generation of smart label technology and fight the global counterfeit trade.

Easy Authentication

Nothing is easier and more accessible these days than simply tapping our smartphone to the product we are considering purchasing.

That’s the only step required to build immediate and long-lasting trust between your brands and your customers.

In-Depth Benefits

The advantages of direct consumer-product interaction are extensive. Our system provides a wide range of substantial benefits, including:

Easy to use management platform

Our intuitive dashboard offers global product oversight and control. Easily access analytics, consumer data, set custom alerts for product movements, and inform customers of important updates, all at your fingertips.

Flexible Solutions for Every Brand

From pharmaceutical giants needing authentication APIs to those seeking step-by-step smart label adoption, our cost-effective implementation can swiftly boost revenue and trust, ensuring a positive ROI, especially if counterfeiting is a concern.

Superior Security

NFC-enabled smart label system

ForgeStop's NFC-enabled label system outperforms traditional methods with a multi-layered security approach.

Unlike QR codes or holograms, our platform ensures secure, instant product verification and dynamic information without the need for app downloads. With rule combinations, we offer multi-layered responses for enhanced customer service and brand trust.

Trusted Partnerships

We collaborate with leading and reputable global packaging and label companies, to help you seamlessly integrate smart packaging technology into your current product offerings.

Accessible NFC Technology

The cost of NFC technology has significantly decreased in recent years, making NFC smart label solutions feasible even for products with tight profit margins.

Protect what matters with Forgestop

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